Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP)

Bringing Generations and Communities Together Since 1986

Here is what people are saying about their intergenerational experiences:

"By volunteering with children and youth we have the privilege of meeting the future before it arrives."   

Frank Chapel, Past Senior Volunteer


“During the past two years, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a participant in the TIGP intergenerational programs at East York Acres.  I would call it a privilege as I have had the opportunity of meeting new seniors, youth and volunteers while participating in various program activities such as games, arts & crafts, lunch programs and computer programs. Working one to one with volunteers in our “Seniors in Cyberspace” program has opened greater horizons among the seniors as we learn about fast paced technology in a growing digital world. The programs have awakened in me a sense of joy and eliminated my boredom. I wholeheartedly recommend intergenerational programs to seniors as I am certain the time spent will cheer their lives and hearts and eliminate isolation and remoteness.


Annella Santhiasilva – Senior Participant at East York Acres


“In my opinion, the thing that made the Glenyan Manor senior's program so special is that fact it's not a program that's just for the seniors. I was surprised at the amount of familiarity I felt even when I just started volunteering. It definitely felt like a family. I think this has to do with the fact that the program has allowed both the seniors and the volunteers to see that age really doesn't get in the way of laughter and enjoying yourselves. I never felt pressured or forced to go in and I found myself looking forward to enjoying that  three hours with the seniors every week. It's the kind of volunteering program that you never want to leave. 

I find that it's amazing the amount of diverse activities that the program offers; everybody is engaged and there is just this charm that the elder's bring into the program. It brightens my day talking and laughing with them. To simply let elders know that people other than their family members and the community care about them, I think is amazing. It's especially hard for a lot of the seniors since they're immigrants and have some language barriers. This program gives them the opportunity to communicate more and satisfy their own curiosity within this new environment.

All in all, I think it's a program that feels like a family weekly event and everybody gets something out of it.”

Yumai Situ – TIGP Youth Volunteer


“The TIGP Seniors in Cyberspace and the Health & Wellness programs have sparked the interest of so many tenants as they are excited to learn about information technology and wellness. Tenants are willing to volunteer their time to teach others who have less knowledge. As a result of the programs there is now a new Computer Drop-In Program two days a week to enable tenants to have access to computers and the Internet and tenants have volunteered to sustain the weekly wellness project.  We find tenants are communicating more and they are finding ways to become more involved in their community. In fact, a long-time tenant took it upon himself to organize a small group of tenants to play pool a couple of times a week and he started helping at the Computer Drop-In. So many tenants remember the ‘old’ days and they are looking forward to being involved in new programs and activities. After so many years our building is finally beginning to come alive again!”

Linda Wade – Senior Volunteer, Adanac Community 


“After volunteering at the same senior’s apartment building for four years, we are proud to say that every time the students visit the seniors, the sound of our juvenile voices uplifts their spirits. As the seniors smile, we smile.”

Tony Ye – Past President, Danforth Collegiate Intergenerational Club


“I enjoy spending time socializing with Philip (youth volunteer) while reminiscing about my Irish roots.  As an “82 year old senior student” I value the patience that Philip displays while helping me to be comfortable while learning computer language in TIGP’s Seniors in Cyberspace program.  Philip oozes confidence and he believes in the efforts of the seniors and the program.  He is committed and takes pride in being part of the process to create a better world for older adults.” 

Mike Reilly - Vice-President, Emerald Isle Seniors Society