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Megan Geisberger currently works as a Residential Counsellor in a treatment program that works intensively with youth and their families. Moonlighting as a yoga teacher, Meg loves working with and learning from all ages to create space to increase flexibility and develop strength, fostering greater body awareness and appreciation. Due to a devoted interest in the welfare, health and happiness of all people, Meg has and continues to work and volunteer extensively with numerous agencies and programs in assisting individuals struggling with issues ranging from poverty and discrimination to physical disability and psychological disorders. These experiences have led to an acute awareness of the gaps between generations and the disconnect that each face. As a volunteer Meg’s involvement range from building houses for Habitat for Humanity to coordinating charity events to raise funds and awareness for projects that impact child poverty. Meg looks forward to continuing to work with the people behind the TIGP organization to rebuild connections within the community and to help bridge the gap between generations.