Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP)

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“Intergenerational is Sensational” … As a leader and major advocate of intergenerational programs across the City of Toronto we invite you to join us as we share this message across the Province of Ontario, to heighten the awareness of “Intergenerational Day Canada” on June 1st every year.

The benefits of making intergenerational connections is proven to be rewarding for people of all ages and the momentum is rapidly growing. At TIGP’s request:

  • The City of Toronto proclaimed Intergenerational Day Canada – June 1st in 2014, 2015 and 2106.
  • The Toronto District School Board proclaimed Intergenerational Day Canada in perpetuity on May 14, 2014.
  • The Province of Ontario proclaimed Intergenerational Day Canada in perpetuity on June 4, 2015, joining cities and provinces nationwide who also proclaimed the day.

Intergenerational Day Canada – June 1st is:

·         a day to raise awareness of the power of connections between people of all ages, connections that will create healthy, age-friendly communities.

·         a day to celebrate all of the good things that are presently taking place between generations in local communities.

·         an official reminder for all Ontarians to take one small respectful step to bridge the generations within their local communities and within Canada.

For ideas on ways that you can celebrate Intergenerational Day Canada please visit our website – - IG Day Ideas.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities and to promote your event along with other events taking place across Toronto please call or email Sara Beretka, Executive Director at Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships in Community (TIGP) at  416-531-8447 ext. 1 - 


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