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MEDIA RELEASE - Toronto, Ontario  March 2017

From the cliffs of St. John’s to the surf of Tofino, from Inuvik to Windsor, cities coast to coast will  be encouraging young and old to say hello and get to know each other better by recognizing Intergenerational Day Canada June 1st

Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships in Community (TIGP) is pleased to announce the City of Toronto is joining cities across the nation as it proclaims Intergenerational Day Canada June 1st .

As a leader in the development and delivery of Intergenerational programs in Toronto, TIGP is taking the lead by calling to action residents of Toronto to celebrate Intergenerational Day Canada June 1st.  TIGP is encouraging Toronto residents to plan special time with older generations in their communities to build harmony amongst generations.

Intergenerational Day Canada June 1st provides an opportunity to raise awareness in daily life of the many benefits that simple and respectful connections between generations bring to education, health and community safety. Stereotypes of both young and older people are broken down when they learn about each other. Isolation is diminished and empathy grows in both directions. Intergenerational Day Canada makes a powerful statement about the value of generational connecting within each and everyone’s neighbourhood. 

To recognize the day, TIGP and some of its community partners are hosting inaugural event.

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