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To recognize "Intergenerational Day Canada” TIGP is collecting celebration stories from people of all ages.  Please promote our “Tell Us Your Story” contest and ask everyone that you know to let us know how and why they will be celebrating Intergenerational Day Canada on June 1st for a chance to win one of five multi-pass admission passes to the Ontario Science Centre (a multi-pass to the Science Centre is for up to 5 people and valued at $110).

Please email your stories to us at  by June 1, 2017.  In July 2017 we will be featuring the winning stories, along with honorable mentions, on TIGP’s website.

Some of the comments from guests who attended past Intergenerational Day Canada celebrations include -

I liked ...

·         the cultural mix

·         everybody

·         meeting new people and socializing with the youth

·         spending time relaxing with others, usually I am lonely 

·         mixing with younger and older people made me feel good

·         spending time relaxing, making friendship bracelets was fun

·         the structure of the event

·         the great turnout and fun activities

·         talking with new people and learning from them

·         having an opportunity to socialize with seniors

·         seeing how the young mix with the elderly, I hope it can remain this way

·         the excellent singer (May Marquardt)

·         the integration of different age groups

·         the way people enjoyed the event

·         the cooperation of everyone together

·         dreaming together with other people

I learned ...

·          how dreaming together can become a reality

·         people can enjoy being with others from different walks of life

·         how to make friendship bracelets

·         age is no barrier to common ground

·         youth and older adults can have fun together

·         so many things about different people

·         about a youth and older united organization (TIGP)

·         different cultures are similar to our Canadian culture

·         holding events like this and talking with elders brings back memories

·         who lives in my community

·         about the past and life experiences of other generations

·         young and old can play together

·         life can be made happy and peaceful

·         I live in an amazing community

·         everyone can learn from these types of events

·         I can get over my loneliness

·         I enjoyed myself and look forward to attending next year

·         to integrate with people from different countries

·         I can get community service volunteer hours in my own community

·         the benefits of mixing different generations together

·         there is no such thing as "too" old