Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP)

Bringing Generations and Communities Together Since 1986

Children, youth and adults across Toronto are involved in our Social Visiting programs within nursing homes, homes for the aged, retirement homes, hospitals, health care centres and seniors buildings. 

Many of these programs serve frail and cognitively impaired elderly and at-risk marginalized seniors. TIGP has expanded its service delivery to include large groups of ethno-specific speaking seniors.

To prepare for the program, teachers and students participate in a “sensitivity to aging” session. They are given opportunities to explore their knowledge of age-related issues. Myths and stereotypes of aging in today’s society are explored and dispelled.  Seniors are also given the opportunity to learn about today’s children and youth.  Through the experience both groups form positive opinions and attitudes about each other.

Our staff work with our program partners to develop program content that is appropriate for the age levels of the children and the physical and cognitive abilities of the seniors involved in the programs. Icebreakers and “getting to know you” activities ensure that meaningful and interactive relationships flourish. 

The opportunities for children, youth and seniors to participate in a variety of social and recreational activities that are curriculum connected are endless.  Some examples are:

  • storytelling, both oral and written
  • interviewing seniors, writing biographies, reminiscing together
  • crafts and art activities related to monthly themes or festivities
  • growing together through gardening experiences
  • drama and music
  • games and social interaction

Many long-term and caring relationships have been developed between the students and seniors. Some of the students continue to visit their senior partners during the summer and other holiday periods.

At the present time we are at maximum capacity and we cannot consider new program partners until new sources of funding are identified. 

For information about our Social Visiting programs and to add your name and organization to our partner waiting list please call or email Sara Beretka at - (416) 531-8447 ext. 1 -

Our Social Visiting programs are funded by the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (TCLHIN) and the City of Toronto.