Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP)

Bringing Generations and Communities Together Since 1986

Intergenerational community service offers children, youth, adults and seniors an opportunity to share their knowledge, skills, interests and life experiences with others.  Through the volunteer experience all ages deepen their understanding of aging, increase their social networks and strengthen their skills and knowledge while providing a service in their community.

TIGP provides opportunities for volunteers to take a leadership role where they can gain valuable experience by learning and doing. Taking ownership of their community experiences builds on the volunteers social and individual responsibility while strengthening their community. 

TIGP supports the development of Intergenerational Clubs and Community Service Committees within secondary schools which create opportunities for youth to make connections with seniors in their communities.  In addition, we organize Community Service Volunteer Information Fairs at secondary schools to introduce youth to community agencies who are seeking youth volunteers. To learn how to develop an Intergenerational Club or Community Service Volunteer Information Fair at your school, please call or email Sara Beretka at - (416) 531-8447 ext. 1 - 

We offer opportunities for children and youth to take leadership roles in their communities by -

  • social visiting with seniors who reside in long-term care facilities
  • teaching seniors how to use computers and the Internet
  • teaching seniors about new technology and new equipment (i.e. fitness equipment, cell phones, Nintendo Wii, Ipads, etc.)
  • developing and supporting lunch programs for marginalized seniors
  • coordinating intergenerational events
  • organizing food drives for community seniors
  • planning special events for seniors

We offer opportunities for adults and seniors to share their knowledge, skills and interests in their communities by -

  • assisting and leading activities at our program locations (i.e. crafts, gardening, fitness, dance, song, guest speakers, etc.)
  • participating on committees to develop intergenerational initiatives
  • assisting TIGP with administration, fundraising and special events

TIGP volunteers receive ongoing support, recognition and training on their specific volunteer position, including and not limited to Sensitivity to Aging, Cyberspace, Wellness Activities, etc., to make their volunteer experience rewarding.  

For a full listing of our volunteer opportunities please call or email Sara Beretka at - (416) 531-8447   ext. 1 -