Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP)

Bringing Generations and Communities Together Since 1986

Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP) first came into existence in 1981 as a working group in Toronto’s Riverdale community, responding to the needs of two distinct groups – children and youth, and seniors.

A survey of area schools, community agencies and organizations serving seniors showed the need for social contact and activation for isolated seniors and the need of children and youth, with little extended family, to have regular contact and access to the skills and knowledge of seniors living in their community.  In response to the survey, TIGP took the lead in coordinating and developing intergenerational support through a variety of programs and activities.

Since 1986, TIGP has been the only non-profit charity mandated and funded to bringing generations and communities together through intergenerational programming across the GTA.

Rooted in community throughout its history, TIGP’s work has been an important volunteer and programming resource in mobilizing and bringing value to the contributions of children, youth and seniors.

Since our inception, our service delivery model has been the provision of services within strong, equitable and formal partnerships with a variety of organizations. Within our partnerships we offer support, resources, skills and knowledge specific to the development of successful intergenerational programs and activities.

Our community is made up of people of all ages - seniors, adults, children and youth.

Our Social Visiting, Health & Wellness, Seniors in Cyberspace, Seniors Assistance Home Maintenance and Volunteer Service programs form the core of our activities to date. Other project models and specialized themed events have been developed to meet the needs and interests of the communities we serve.

For an overview of our programs and services please see our Annual Reports.