Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships (TIGP)

Bringing Generations and Communities Together Since 1986

By introducing technology via the use of computers and the internet, this program creates opportunity for older generations to:

  • learn something new/current, which draws upon their past experiences through activities that have meaning for them, such as reminiscing, hobbies and family.
  • connect with the younger generation volunteering with them, one on one, building a trusting relationship that fosters development of mutual positive learning experiences through computer usage. 
  • gain a sense of control over their learning activities and the relationship they develop with their volunteer Internet Coach.

Volunteers have an opportunity to:

  • share their knowledge and information technology expertise
  • gain new skills through friendly visiting 
  • gain Canadian experience while networking with professionals
  • obtain credits towards secondary school diploma requirements
  • make new friends and have fun!

For information on how to start a Community Seniors in Cyberspace program or Long-Term Care Seniors in Cyberspace program please contact Sara Beretka at (416) 531-8447 ext 1 -